Women’s Guide to Traveling Solo

fashion, travel / Sunday, September 9th, 2018
women travels

As a woman who loves to travel and many time solo, you learn tricks to feeling safe but also secure so that you do not miss out on any adventures.

I always get the same “you travel alone, that would make me so nervous” it does sometimes.

Honestly, I have learned some amazing things about myself by traveling alone (I also secretly enjoy the fact I can spend 4 hours in an art museum if I want or maybe I just got lost in the Louver)

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Side note: There is this amazing organization called the Pink Trotters. If you feel unsure about traveling alone it’s a great group to connect women together who travel alone and want a buddy.

But when it comes to travel, alone, there are always precautions to take.

For instance, try to blend in as much as you can. With any big city (NYC included) even if you do not know your surroundings it’s best to remember not to look like a tourist (especially with those not so attractive money pouches, fashion faux pa if there ever was one).

Watch what you drink and how much.

If you get lost, make sure to remember to blend in. Check your phone or map away from others. I choose a restaurant or gift shop because it allowed me to be safe and not look like a tourist.

women travels

Prepare for the worst. Honestly, stuff happens. It’s always smart to have secret stashes of your most important documents in case something happens and you need to go to your consulate. Also, always know where your countries consulate is located in each country you go to. Also, register with your consulate so if something happens your country of origin will let you know of any safety concerns.

Make sure to check inwith someone back home. International plans or buying a SIM card in that country are extremely useful and cheap.

Befriend female hostel workers. Ask for tips because locals know best where NOT to go.

If you use a cab, make sure to take a picture of the license plate as well as the drivers tag. I’ve realized that Uber is also a great resource in Europe if you feel unsafe in an area. Also, make sure to keep an eye on your GPS to ensure that you are going to the right destination.

women travels

Some things may seem repetitive or like your mother is reminding you “be safe honey” but in all honestly its a great reminder to watch your surroundings. Hopefully these tips provide you with a sense of confidence. Traveling solo as women should not make you anxious or nervous but should be empowering.

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