Beginners Guide to Sweets in Paris

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Sweets and Paris, every girl (and boys) dream. Paris is a dream come true for sweet tooth addicts and dessert lovers alike. All the different varieties of confection that delight will make your mouth water. The delightful deserts sure did make my visit to Paris that much more mouthwatering. Below is a list of the top sweets in Paris for a beginners introduction on what to eat.



There is a reason that Laudree is so famous and busy! French Macaroons is an iconic pastry and with great reason. Having tasted macaroons in the United States and wasn’t a huge fan was the wrong way to try this delicious treat. The decadent smell of the fruity macaroons and the taste is divine. I highly recommend my favorites: Raspberry, Lemon, and of course Chocolate. I promise I wont steer you wrong.


Maison Georges Larnicol


I found this cute little shop by accident when I was strolling through the 18th arrondissement in the Montmartre area of Paris. I cannot explain to you how addicting their little caramels are. They have many different varieties of artisan chocolate and caramels. They also have simple baked goods that are super tasty such as the Kouignelles in Chocolate, Caramel, or Rum Raisin.


Jean Paul Hévin


If there is one thing that you should not miss is Jean Paul Hevin chocolates. This chocolatier has a heavenly essence within the chocolate bars as well as the truffles. The company calls their abilities poetry with chocolate. The chocolate boxes also artistically pair such additions as fruit and spices along with dark chocolate and milk chocolate variations.


Paris has so many different shops that to really try them all would take a lifetime (similar to pizza in NYC)! For a beginner these suggestions are a good start for any fellow travelers first trip to Paris. Jouir!

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