The Best Guide to Just a Carry On

travel / Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

packing-PLBOOK0617Every woman knows the feeling.  We get overly excited about going on a vacation together either with a bunch of girlfriends or our significant other.  As we begin to prepare outfits mentally or piecing things together that we’ve seen on Pinterest a slow realization comes to mind, “We’re definitely going to over pack” In our minds we can never have enough clothes when on vacation. Girl logic obviously, you need to have the perfect pair of heels, Flats,  Jeans, shorts, the cute outfits that you wear on date nights as well as the flirty dresses that you might wear when you go to the bars at night.  As we begin to pack, we pull up the big suitcase so that we can fit everything that we would ever wear and most often then not end up packing our entire closet. The vacation may not even be four days however, but as women we somehow manage to pack our entire lives in a suitcase (our significant other’s thoughts, not mine).

As an avid traveler, I have learned that over packing can also create an added stress. I  encourage you to learn how do you just bring a carry-on wherever you go, put back those extra pair of heels you probably wont wear but are oh so cute. I know you read this and think “how in the world am I going to bring a carry-on on a four-day vacation or much less a weeklong vacation”. Let me tell you, it’s possible!

For starters really look at your wardrobe and determine if any clothing can be used for multiple days or outfits. This helps to use multiple variations versus having a different outfit per day. Also, try to only bring two to three pairs of shoes (tennis shoes, flats, and a pair of heels). This gives you variety but also allows you to do activities.


I would also suggest purchasing space saver bags for carry on luggage. They are a huge life saver. My boyfriend may have laughed at me on our last trip for sitting on my space saver bags but guess what? I managed to pack 2 weeks worth of clothes, including two different weather changes to encounter.

There are a couple websites that carry these space saver bags (listed below) and they are relatively inexpensive ranging from $6-$20.

Amazon- Carry on Space Saver Bags- $6-$12

Bed Bath & Beyond- Ziploc Space Saving Travel Bags- $9.99-19.99

Ladies (and gentlemen too!) let’s try our best to avoid those pesky baggage fees and pack lighter. It’s not a magic trick just takes some practice.

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