Beating that in Flight Breakout

Skin care, travel / Sunday, January 28th, 2018

We have all been there, on a flight either domestically or internationally, and our skin starts to show those nasty, pesky little bumps we get during puberty. Ugh, what a great way to start a vacation! In flight breakouts are never a wanted free loader on your vacation. In my numerous flights, I have tried to find information that would assist me in keeping my skin looking clear and glossy (current new trend in Korean skin care that glossy look to your skin almost luminescent).

Most information that I have come across that provides good suggestions to these unwanted breakouts are either expensive or would take a lot of courage to display on a plane (lets be real we would all snapchat with no shame an individual on a plane with a sheet mask on their face). So I have laid out my top three skin care products that can easily help eliminate or even prevent in flight breakouts.

Cooling Aloe Vera Refreshing Gel Eye Mask $3

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1.) One of my new found favorite products I used after a red eye flight from Los Angeles, CA back to New York, NY. If you are anything like I am, I cannot sleep on planes. Therefore, there are some nasty puffy dark circles under my eyes when I fly long distances. This gel eye mask helps to eliminate all those signs of lack of sleep and refreshes your eye area. I did not feel ashamed at all putting these gel eye patches on my eyes in flight (it helped that everyone was still asleep too). This product has a great cooling sensation along with Aloe Vera to hydrate and calm skin after being on a plane. The eye mask also has amazing properties of Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and reduce puffiness and dark circles They come in an easy packet that takes up no space at all in your carry on bag and the best part is, this cooling gel eye mask is a whopping $3. Can’t really beat that.

OLEHENRIKSEN- Truth on the Glow Cleansing Cloths $8-$30

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2.) The main reason that your skin has those lovely pimples is because of the dry air circulating on airplanes. The low humidity in a plane averages less than 20% compared to the usual 30% humidity we often find at home. This means that your lovely skin is drying out at a faster rate then on the ground. In the next two steps I advise a simple system to prep your skin for a long flight. The first step is cleansing clothes. The reason is because (as we learned during puberty) when there is dirt and dry skin on our faces it creates blockages for our pores which then creates breakouts. Using these wipes before you get on the plane or even while you are in your assigned seat, takes off all the makeup that will clog your pores during the flight. The Truth Cleansing Cloths help cleanse your skin while also creating a glow with Vitamin C and Jojoba Oil. This product is also Parabens and Sulphate free.

KORRES Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream $36

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3.) Lastly, you want to moisturize your skin really well. With all that lack of humidity you want to really make sure your skin stays hydrated, meaning drinking lots of water on your flight and moisturizing (sorry, I know that tiny bottle of rum or chardonnay will have to wait till after the flight). This moisturizer has a protein rich formula that helps to hydrate without Parabens or Sulphates. It has amazing moisturizing properties such as Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and over 250 live probiotic properties. This moisturizer can also be used as a mask as well. You can apply a little on your finger tips and press into your skin over your make up or fresh skin ( after we’ve cleansed it of course). Fun fact, you can also use this moisturizer on a sun burn if you forget to reapply. It helps to calm the sunburn and helps to eliminate any peeling.

These three products are simple suggestions to help keep your skin from ruining any vacation pictures. They are feasible suggestions to really help keep your budget towards your vacation versus worrying about that mountain on your chin.

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